Indian Punjab University Girls Finding online Friends for Friendship


Girls in school sometimes don't like boys who approach them very often, girls find it difficult to talk with boys. Here are some tips to impress a girl even in difficult situations.

Start a conversation with her. Just say "Hi" or Hello and take it from there. Don't be too questionable or ask lots of things about her life, but talk about everyday things with her. obviously she'll ignore you when you ask, and so maybe she'll think your trying to be nosy or irritating but don't ask at least just say |"Hi" otherwise they will think you are least interested.

Get to know her. She wants you to like her for what she is. Always praise her and appreciate her. Not just because she's beautiful. Tell more about her what you think give her compliments for little things she will feel more nice. This will take sometime to know her to a pretty good level. be remarkable to her, she'll surely need to know if your are capable to be trusted of your actions.Always be truthful and honest because Punjabi girls like Trustworthy partners for relationship.

Be playful, funny and have a very good sense of humor. Don't be embarrassed and shy of her. Be confident and join into conversations with her.Beacuse punjabi girls like Bindaas boys and guys who are straight forward.

Be real and honest in front of her. Don't try to impress by pretending to be someone else. Dont be fake or artificial let it be more real and natural in front of her.She can sense it. If you try that, it's just being rude to the other person, be yourself, the girl would obviously ignore you for who you are if you copy.

Lead her, take care of her and protect her. Don't burden her with making decisions. Give her own space and time. Dont be always dominating. You're in charge. But don't be controlling. Don't force her to do things that you want! this is a way where the girl would be pressured and fragile, they will cry and feel heart-broken. be calm and remarkable, be upcoming but not too upcoming and be very sharp and sensitive to her mostly. Be more smart and sensible and dont try to be rigid or arrogant at times.

Be romantic. Celebrate moments of joy, achievements and birthdays with her. This will let her know that you care.Don't be afraid to talk to her. Tell what you think and feel about her.Express your desires and feelings from bottom of your heart. Make your eyes to say everything about her.

Meet her everyday at school and make her enjoy your time with you. Try to flirt with her. Don't be too obvious that you are trying to attend her to love you as much as to not liking you, just flirt a little and she'll take objectives slow and would be sensitive to you. She will sense the feeling she wants to take it to the next level, as it means mostly she appreciates your caring, she wants to take each stage complete. But don't upraise the fact that she wants you more than just appreciating the fact that you cared for her mostly all the time! She'll think your a total freak and want more from her, she casually not be sensitive to you compared to you caring more.

Just be careful with her each steps that what she says.. don't force her for anything... Give some break at each level and just see that is 100 percent ready and happy to go forward in the relationship. And the main thing just impress her by the heart and the attractive and sensible lines.

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