Indian guy always looks for confidence in a punjabi girl. They looks that amazing punjabi attitude and spirit in that person.

They are die – hard foodies and they master in all types of cooking from Tandoori roti, Butter Chicken, Biryanis to aloo parathe well they know everything to cook. Punjabi kudi knows the best food for his guy and know how to win a men’s heart.

They love to dance and enjoy in each and every form from western music, salsa, Caribbean, hip hop & Punjabi bhangra. They also love all type of mucic. And special Punjabi girls are going more crazy behind their Rock star yoyo honey singh.  

They are extremely hot, sexy & beautiful. It is in their genes that are very often found very attractive. They are very impressive and easily catch your eyes.

They are very good companioin for drinking alcohol. Means lots of Punjabi women drink and also they have a very good capacity. You cannot make them fullydrunk so easily.And women who don’t consume alocohol are very good at accompany you. They are free, open & broad minded so they allow their men to have fun and entertainment.

 They are very funny and naughty means they crack lots of pranks, jokes and very lively so that you will not get bored in a relationship.

Punjabi girls always have positive and optimistic attitude. You will always see beautiful smiling face, smart & confident and additionaly they will also encourage you during your tough times.

Punjabi women have a amazing presence of mind and great sense of humour which makes them always happy and lucky everytime. They can make you laugh and make fun of themselves and can also change sad moments into joyful ones.

They are very family oriented persons and has lots of values and very religious. They are not only rich by money or wealth but also with their values and culture. Punjabi’s are very kind hearted.

Punjabi wedding are one of the best things in the world. They are very famous for the singing, dancing, enormous varieties of veg and non vegetarian foods & unlimited alcohol in their wedding party.

Punjabi girls are very honest and loyal in nature. They don’t hide or make you confuse about whether they are in love or interested in you. They are very free, bold and blunt. They will speak on your face about their interest in you which is very important.